Welcome to the event list visualization page. Time flows down the page from oldest at the top to newest event at the bottom. Each event is visualized in two ways, as a rectangle of varying sizes and hues of purple color, and as a red line emanating from the left axis. Across the page from left to right is dose rate in cGy/day using a logarithmic scale. The left side of each rectangle is the average dose rate and the right side of each rectangle is the peak dose rate. The y component of each event rectangle is the duration of the event, some spanning multiple days. The red line also represents each event's duration from starting point at the left axis to .1 to 20 days represented as a right offset of from 10 to 60 pixels; the longer the event, the more acute the angle from starting date to ending date. The brightness of the color represents the accumulated dose; the brighter it is, the more the accumulated dose.

Left click on a line or purple block cross plot to bring up an intial set of LET and cross plots for the event. Left click again on one of the displayed LET or cross plots to explore the event plots through the data products page where all variations can be selected.

Click on the link below to view and/or download the event list as an ASCII file.

The Event List